Individual Ministries

Friendship Faith Ministries have offers a lot of ministries to encourage, help and allow people to participate in.  Here's a list of some of the ministries.  For more information, contact us at


  • Youth Ministry - G.A.P. (God's Adorable People) - ages 5 to 19
  • Nursery Ministry - B.O.C. (Babes of Christ) - infant to age 5
  • God's Pantry Ministry - Food giveaway to families who need support
  • Media Ministry - Breath of God - TV and Sound Ministry (available through social media)
  • Marriage Ministry - 2SB1 (Two Shall Be One) - Couples getting together for lunch, dinner, and other outings 
  • Family Ministry - Church ministry getting together to have fun and get to know one another
  • Witnessing Ministry - Recruiters for Christ - door-to-door ministry, winning souls on the street
  • God's Table - Providing spiritual guidance to those in the ministry
  • Anchored Hope Ministry - Individuals that have unsaved spouses who get together for encouragement and prayer
  • Greeting Ministry Team
  • Usher Ministry Team
  • Parking Lot Ministry
  • Helps Ministries and much more!