Executive Pastor

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Pastor Essie McConico

Pastor Essie McConico, and her husband, Apostle LeRoy McConico, Jr., are the pastors of Friendship Faith Ministries in Paola, KS.  As the Executive Pastor, she oversees the individual ministries.  She also supports the international pastors that are under their leadership and leads the mission ministry that provides food, education and shelter for the international children. 


Pastor Essie completed her Doctorate Degree in Pastoral Theology in 2002 and opened a bible college at Friendship Faith Ministries (an annex of Faith Bible College) where she is the Dean.


In addition to the ministry, Pastor Essie is also an entrepreneur.  She owns and operates Divine-Clothing, an online store selling women and men’s suits, hats, purses and jewelry.


Pastor Essie teaches the Word of God with wisdom and clarity that can be applied to one’s everyday living.  She is nurturing and speaks life into hurting, broken and disappointed women nationally and internationally.  She maintains a consistent spirit of excellence in all that she does, because of her love for the Lord.