We support mission work in Haiti, headed by Mother Eleanor Workman, of Christian Haitian Outreach (C.H.O.).  

Mother Workman acquired land, built a building and her family grew rapidly. Now, in 2006, at age 86, she is the mother of two orphanages with over 170 children. She has also built two schools where a staff of teachers is teaching 1060 students the ways of God. In addition, CHO ministers to 125 pastors working in the mountain villages and remote areas of Haiti by providing training seminars.

CHO's ministry came into being because Workman, a choir director and active church worker with a successful job, heard the call to full-time missions work. She answered the call by laying aside her own ambitions and dedicating her life to serve needy children in Haiti. She has seen countless miracles of supply and intervention despite impossible circumstances. Her life and ministry inspire others to totally commit themselves to God and see His divine purposes fulfilled in their lives.

If you would like to send a monetary offering, support on a monthly basis, adopt a child, please use the donate link and signify missions support.